Nowadays, images getting good quality day by day. With great quality & high resolution it is very hard to reduce size of image and optimize each image manually. With the help of following plugins, you can easily compress and optimize your images in bulk.

Images are one of the major factor that affect the overall paganize. One high resolution image can increase page size of webpage a lot. It also increases the loading time of your site due to more page size.

Smush Image

Smush image is available for both free and paid version. The free version allows you to optimise image of upto 1 MB and if you want to optimise more than 5 MB of images then you can choose the paid version of SmushPro. In the pro version, you can automatically convert your JPG and PNG images into webp format.

 In the free version you can optimise and compress up to 50 images in one click. the plugin also offers lazy load for your images.  if you want to compress your images without losing its quality then smush is one of the best Image Optimisation plugin

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

In ShortPixel Image Optimizer, you will get to option to compress your images to Lossless and Lossy. PNG images have much greatersize than JPG images. So this plugin automatically converts your png images to jpg images so that your images size will decrease.

The plugin also optimise your featured images and thumbnails according to its size. 

The new compression method, glossy compresses your images in lossy format but with maintaining high quality of your images.

Optimization of bulk images in one click also available.


Imagify is one of the best option to to make your images lighter without losing its quality and convert into NextGen images formats like webp. This plugin also optimise your pdfs and gifs. You can choose between three levels (Normal, Aggressive and Ultra) of resizing and optimising of images.


Like all of image Optimisation plugins, this one also have lossless and lossy compression, webp images conversions and thumbnai, featured image optimization. It has one great feature that make this plugin different from other that it serves your images on globalCDN for absolutely free.

Lazy load option also add JavaScript files into your webpage, but, this plugin uses lazy load of images without jQuery. only allows you to optimise image upto 5MB in its free version. The plugins works on earth API and usesimage size reduction based on several advanced algorithms to optimize your images. You can also excluds images that you don’t want to to optimise. 

EWWW Image Optimizer

Ewww image Optimizer do not apply speed limit and file size in its free version. it also automatically detect which image format is best on different image locations. The plugin claims that its compression is up to 80%. It also takes backup of your original image files for 30 days.  overall this plugin provides you all the basic features in its free version.


Jetpack is not basically image Optimisation plugins only.  but it offers new features like lazy load and image Optimisation with its free superfast CDN. Serving  the images on Syrian reduce the server load and increase your site’s speed .

WP Rocket

WP rocket is one of the best site speed Optimisation tool. It optimises CSS and JavaScript of site and also it has great image Optimisation features like lazy load, CDN. They recommends Imagify Plugin that we already covered in our list.

If you only want to add images into CDN & lazy loading of your image with other static file optimization tool then this is best plugin for you.