About Us

Mod enthusiasts can download, request, and test Android mods on Themesplay. The mods were not created by Themesplay; they were all downloaded from the internet. It’s possible to download more than 10,000 Android app mods from this site. More android mod apps will be added in the future.

Our goal is to ensure that all of the mods in Themesplay are fully functional. Is there a way to accomplish this? We plan to make a large number of mod apps available to users for evaluation. After that, we’ll look for the mods that actually work. We’ll also mark these mods based on user feedback, so that our users can easily find the best mods on our site.

The mod you want isn’t listed anywhere? Any mod you desire can be requested. As soon as we receive it, we’ll be sure to let you know. If the mod does not work for you or is out of date. This is where you can request an update.

Our ultimate objective is to keep our mod fully functional. So we need more people to test out our mod. Our testing platform will be created as soon as possible. So please do join us.

Anyone who loves mods will be in their element on Themesplay. Welcome!