How To Create Paypal Account

In this article, I will tell you how to create a paypal account and what profit you can get from creating a paypal account, whether to have a good paypal account or to transfer an international amount or to take money from someone, then paypal is an easy way, in which email id You can send money to anyone, or you can take money from anyone, if you are doing work from home job then you need paypal account, most of the money can be transferred from this paypal account.

The PayPal company belongs to Elon Musk, Elon Musk is the CEO of the space x company, so he first created a paypal account.

How to create PayPal account?

If you want, you can also download paypal’s app from play store, you have to open paypal’s official website in desktop and click on sign up.

You will not incur any charges to create this account, just you should have any bank account in India, then you can create this account,

After clicking on Sign Up, you will get two options Individual Account and Business Account.

So you have to click on Individual Account and click on Next button. Now the page for entering email address and password will open in front of you.

In that you have to enter email id and password and click on the next button, after that on the next next page you will be asked your nationality name and address details, then you have to enter these details correctly and click on Agree and create account.

After that the link a card page will open, in which you have to fill the card details in which card type and CVV number, card number, and address will be asked, after entering all the details, click on the gender card. After that you will be asked to deposit ₹ 2, in order to confirm the account, you will have to do this process only then you can make international payment.

After the process is completed, you will get the confirmation message, now you can do the transaction from USA India any country.

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