best tool for website traffic checking

While doing competitive websites research, it is most important to to get competitors traffic accurately. There are many tools which claims that they provide accurate data about traffic for any website. 

To view our own website traffic we can simply go to another take or search console it shows us accurate visitors our website got. But if we have to predict the estimated visitors of other websites we have to take help of other tools. There are many free and paid tools in the market to shows others website traffic. In this post, we will see that which tools are best for visitors analysis of other website and how to use them properly. Let’s go –

Similar Web (Free)

Similar web

Similarweb is a free platform that allows you to to view total visits for month of any websites it also shows use the pages per visit and bounce rate of the website it gives you the statistic about average visit duration of a user. It provides you the gap of last 6 months of websites traffic.

similar web results 1

Talking about its accuracy lot of experts claim that it shows approximately accurate results with little bit fluctuation (its common for all tool).

It also shows you percentage of website visitors from different countries and also shows you traffic sources in percentages (social, Direct, Referal) to find competitors websites of searched website you can use another tool, Similarsites.

similar web results 2

The use of similar web is pretty simple you don’t have to go to their dashboard every time to view any website’s traffic. You can simply add its Chrome extension and click the extensions on the sites of you want to view overview.



 Semrush is a SEO tool that analyse your competitive website’s backlinks,  keywords, SEO optimization, Competitive Websites and lot more. 

In the overview section of semrush you can see overall traffic of a website and you can also classify it with different countries. The tool is paid. It also keep track of website traffic data of past all months from the website started & shows you how the websites keywords, traffic grew in basis of time.

Semrush dashboard

Overall, this tool is a complete package to competitive research & SEO analysis of your site and other’s site.



Ahref is also a SEO & Competitors analysis website and it is most popular tool in SEO market. It can show you methods like why your competitors website ranks so high and how can you beat your competitors and what parameters you need to beast them.

It almost provides all features that Semrush provides. But, we saw a noticeable difference in both tool’s report. Its obvious because analysis parameters of both tools are different. You can try their trial version and find will tool is best suit for you.

There are top 3 website traffic checker tools we show you. There are other many tools available in market. But, we dont find any tool that is useful & correct that these ones. If you want to do only website traffic research with free and fast method, then you can go with similarweb.

And, if you need in depth analysis of your competitors websites, then Semrush or Ahref definitely fullfil your needs.