How To Convert Image To Text

In this article I am going to tell that how can convert image to text and how to convert any image to PDF file or word file, so let’s start.

If you have to make a soft copy of a Books Newspaper document or you have any data entry job in which you have to type manually, but with the help of the method I am going to tell you today, you can just convert the photo into text from your mobile. can do. For this you have to install the application from play store.

  • Open play store and type text pheri in it.
  • To install that application and open.
  • After opening the application, first of all click on Download Your Language

The special thing about this application is that this application supports many languages. In this you will find many languages, whichever language you want, you can download from here.

After opening the application, the option of camera will be given in it, then first of all click on it.

Now click on the photo of the book document you want to convert to text. After taking the photo, click on OK, now you will get the option of crop, you can select the area you want to select.

After selecting the area, click on the arrow in the lower right side:

If your document is in English then you can directly click on start, but you have selected any other language, click on Hindi and then click on start. You need internet connection to run this application.

As soon as you click on start, this application will start reading your document, if the photo of your document has come cross then it will straighten it and scan it completely.

After the scanning is completed, click on Continue and after that you will get many options whether you can share it or copy text or convert it to PDF as well.

If you want to convert to period, then after processing for a while by clicking on the option of PDF, the period will open. So in this way you can convert image to text.

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