How To Convert PDF To Word Document

In this article I am going to tell that how you can convert PDF file to word document, If you have to edit PDF file urgently, then you can not do it, then in this way you will be able to edit PDF file by converting it to Word document. if you want to convert PDF file to word document then read this article completely.

We cannot edit PDF file, in order to change something, we have to convert it to Word document file, only then we can change anything in it. So how to convert that PDF file to Word.

How To Convert PDF To Word Document

First of all, you have to open Google, Google apps are given in it, out of which you have to open it by clicking on Google Drive. So as soon as you open Google Drive, you will have to sign in to it, for this your Gmail and password will be asked, then sign in by entering your Gmail and password.

After Google Drive is open, upload the PDF you want to convert here. You can upload pdf in this in two ways.

1. Click on My Drive then go to Upload Files and select and open that PDF.
2. Or directly drag and drop that PDF from your desktop and drop it on the browser, then it will be uploaded.

Now you right click on that PDF and go to Open with and click on Google Docs. Now the PDF it was there will open in Google Docs.

Now if you want, you can edit anything in it such as changing the font size, changing the color, changing the reading size, bordering the page, you can make all kinds of changes in it.

You can use Microsoft Word in it so that the PDF will open in Microsoft Word. As soon as you click on Microsoft Word, it will be downloaded.

If you want, you can download it in PDF after correction and you can also download it in text file.

After downloading that file will open in the world file. This is very easy to do.

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