Cannot install plugin in wordpress

Plugins are essential for WordPress. Many users face problem that they cannot install. add or update plugin. So, in this post, we are going to solve plugin installation problem. Make sure view all methods and find out the best one that suits you.

Problem 1 – Memory Limit

Many WordPress hosting are cheap and low class. They limit their PHP MEMORY LIMIT. Different hosting provide different memory limit. Usually memory limit is 256MB. When you tries to add or install plugin then this process reaches the memory limit. So, the process of adding or installing plugin gets error.

To fix this problem, you need to increase memory limit of the hosting. You can do this with the help of plugin or by doing it manually from CPanel.

Install the Wp Limits plugin

Wp Limits Plugin

Select the memory size you want to increase


Login to your CPanel

Go to the MultiPHP INI Editor

Go to the MultiPHP INI Editor

Select the website

Increase the memory limit as much as you want.

MultiPHP.INI memory  limit increase

Problem 2 – User Role Restriction

If you get invitation to the WordPress then administrator only allows to some powers like edit and write post. They don’t give power to add or remove plugin to you.

So, check once that your use role is administrator. Without administrator you can edit any WordPress setting.

To view your user role

Go to Users – All users

User role dashboard

It will show the your role front of your username. If the role is not Administrator then you can not add plugins to your site.

Problem 3 – Free WordPress Hosting

If you are using free WordPress hosting with subdomain then you have certain limitations on it. You can not add any plugin in the free plan of WordPress. The solution to this problem is that you get their paid plans or add WordPress to other paid hosting.

Free WordPress hosting - cant install plugin

Hope you found your solution. If you are facing any other problem, comment down. We might able to give you solution there.