Ezoic is one of the best platform to monetize your site. Getting Ezoic approval is little bit complicated. So, we are come up here with full step to step procedure for applying for Ezoic

To apply for ezoic, you must have minimum 10k monthly sessions on your site and your site dont have fully copied content

1. Register

 First of all,  go to the ezoic.com

Click on register option.

Register in

Enter your email address & click on the continue.

On the next page, add your domain name and continue again. (Recommend you to use the domain that already have Google AdSense approval, and you can also add domain without Google AdSense approval)

Enter domain name

 you will see the three option on the next screen (Ad Revenue, Analytics & Site speed). Site speed is a paid option which is free for first week.  so it’s up to you  to select site speed option.

To complete account setup, you need to enter your full name and password (  password should contain capital letters, small letters & symbol).

Fill details (Name, Password)

2. Change the Nameservers

The next step is to integrate your site with Ezoic. Here, you need to change the nameservers of your domain. Ezoic will show you which name server you have to change.

Change the name server.

To change the name server of your domain simply go to the the site from where you purchased the domain. In my case I purchased from Godaddy. 

Go to the Manage DNS

Manage DNS

Click on Change Button

Edit Nameserver
Add custom nameserver

Change all nameservers as mentioned in Ezoic & Save the changes. Refresh 2 or more times the nameserver page to see updated nameservers. (Name server changes can take up to 1 hour or it depends on your domain provider) So you can wait until your nameservers to update or you can also follow the next step.

Now come back to the Ezoic and click on  Integrate Complete button when your nameserver will be updated it will shows you  that your are nameservers updated.

3. Setup Ad Testing

The next step is set up ad testing. In setup section, you need to complete all steps Google ad exchange,  placeholders, Turn traffic on and Ezoic review.

Enter Email

Enter the Email address on which you have Google AdSense account. If you don’t have Google AdSense account then you you can enter any of your email address. Put the same email address in second row and click on resend link.

Now you have to wait up to 20 to 30 minutes to receive an application from Google.

Until then you can complete next process.

Click on “Get Started” in placeholder menu. It will show you the tutorial on how to place ads.  you can skip it or click on “Next Button” several times. 

Select Yes or No whether you currently have ads on your site. If you click yes, select which ads you use on Next Screen.

Select whether you have ads on your site

If you selected Yes on above step select whether “Have Ezoic Remove current AD Code” or “I’ll do it” .(It is only for testing purpose, Ezoic will not permanently remove any other ads).

Setup ad testing

To do it automatically select first option or to do it manually select ”I’ll do it” option. I personally recommend you to go with first option because it will automatically do testing on your site.

Now you have to put ezoic ads in your site for testing. Ezoic will give you two options do it from Chrome extension or do it manually (I’ll do it). In manual mode, you can use plugins like Ad Inserter, Advanced Ads, WP Quads to insert Ezoic ad codes (Place minimum 10 ad codes). I do it manually

Add ad codes and placeholders

On next page, create a placeholder. Choose options as your preference. Copy ad placeholder code. Place the ad codes in your site with plugin (ad inserter OR advanced ads) for theme editor. (Remove all your adsense or other ad network ads & only place Ezoic ad for testing purpose only)

Create Ezoic ad codes

4. Fill Google Ad Manager Form

Now, wait until you receive Google form in your Email like below.

Email from Google Ad Manager

Open the form when received. Enter all your personal information & fill out complete form & Submit. 

Fill out Google ad manager form

After submitting your AdSense and ezoic will link together and your website will ready to show ADs from both ad network 

5. Complete Setup

Now you will see Ezoic Dashboard. 

Go to Setup Ad Testing again.

Setup ads.txt  by taking help of ezoic video about ads.txt given there.

In Turn traffic on option, Select all options and enter how much percentage Ezoic ads will see on your site  and save the changes.

Set Ad percentages of Ezoic

Now in Ezoic will review your site and the result stauts will appear in “Ezoic Review”

Hope, you applied for Ezoic successfully and our presentation helped you to apply for ezoic. Tell us any of your problem through comments, we are always here to help.