How to clone a website

Migration of your site or creating a clone of your existing site seems little bit difficult for biginners, but it is super easy to create backup and clone your site. Let’s see how to clone your WordPress site to a new server.

Method 1 – By Using a Plugin

You probably heard of All-in-one Migration Plugin. It is the most popular for creating a full backup of your site and import it on a new server.

Install & Activate All-In-One Migration plugin from your dashboard.


In the plugin, Click on Export.

Select the type of Export from the menu. In the free version, you can only select File or FTP. If you want to select direct file hosts like google drive, dropbox, onedrive, mega, then you need to purchase premium version. Select the one which best suit for you.

From Advanced options, select the items that you don’t want to export.

You can also find and replace words or sentences. Like, if your website url or name appears in post and you want to change it to another websites name then you can use of this option.

Now, it will calculate the files and size of your full backup and setting and create a complete backup of your site.

Download the backup file in your desktop/computer. (Please, make sure that your hosting is capable to download the size of your file if you are using export with file option).


Install All-In-One Migration plugin in fresh WordPress/Website where you want to import backup. (After importing file your old database will be replacd by new one. So, please backup this website as well, if you have any important files/post in this new WordPress.)

Click in Import

Select the same option from which you exported the file. Upload file

Wait for upload.

After uploading file successfully, you will get message like below.

You the import process is finished and the database will be replaced by a new database and you will be log out automatically due to change of database.

Method 2 – With Server’s File Manager

Login into your CPanel

Go to the File Manager

Go to public_html. (If you only want to backup a certain website, go to the folder of that website.)

Select all files by pressing Ctrl + A.

Right Click and select Compress. Wait until compressing will complete.

Now, select “Compress

Click on Download Option. (I am not selecting FTP upload, because it may occurs technical issues). Download and Upload is easy and simple.

The full backup of your public html will be download.

Go the File manager of new hosting or folder of website in which you want to import the database.

Go to public_html or websites folder. Upload the ZIP file.

Right click on Zip file and Extract it.

Now your database is imported in a new server or folder. You can delete zip file after successfully extracted.

Hope you found this article helpful. We told you 2 method by which you can clone your site to a new server or in a new website. If you have any problem regarding cloning your site then you can ask it in comment section. We’ll reply you soon.