Add Cloudflare CDN to website by changing Nameservers

Cloudflare is leading market taker in CDN & Hosting. Cloudflare simply stores all your static and cache file in different locations and countries of the World. So, the files loaded from the nearby server of the user and User don’t need to wait for seconds to load the site. The speed of Cloudflare is also superfast.

CDN is called Content Delivery Network where a fast servers manage & stores static and cache files from your site & host when a page loads.

Let’s see how to add your WordPress site to the Cloudflare for free.

Go to the domain registars. (In my case, it is godaddy). Sign in.

Select the domai name and click on DNS.

Go to the Nameserver Tab and click on Change button. Select type as custom and add the nameservers that cloudflare told you to add.

Save the changes and go to the Cloudflare Dashboard where you need to click on Check the Nameserver button

Wait for upto 24 hours for Cloudflare to update its NameServers. It usually takes only 5-10 minutes to update nameservers.

Meanwhile check that, Go to the DNS tab in Cloudflare Dashboard. Check

Type – CName

Name – www

Content – [Domain Name]

Proxy Stauts – Proxied

is added in your DNS Management. If this type of row is not added then you must add it manually.

Click on +Add Record. Select type as CName. Put www in Name box and put domain name in Content box (eg. and save the record.

Now, check your website after sometime.

Hope his tutorial helped you to ad your site in Cloudflare. If you are facing any problems. Please comment download your queries.