WP rocket is one of the best plugin for your website to increase speed and make your website ultra fast. It has various features like Cache, Preload, minify CSS and JavaScript, Lazy Loading and rocket CDN.  so let’s see how to setup your WP Rocket to make your website super fast.

Mobile Cache

Click on both “enable caching for mobile devices” and “separate cache for mobile devices”.  this will care for separate cache files for mobile devices which is used for responsive layouts because the sponsor layouts sometimes have different files so if you do not click on this option then responsive layout files will not cache.

Enable “Enable caching for logged in WordPress users”. option will catch files for wordpress admin. It make admin dashboard to load fast.

Mobile cache setting of WP Rocket

File Optimization

In file Optimization option you will get option to minify CSS files and Java files. Do the setting as given below for best results.

File Optimization in WP Rocket (CSS & JS)
File Optimization in WP Rocket (CSS & JS) 2
File Optimization in WP Rocket (CSS & JS) 3

Check all options in CSS file Optimization

you have to take care of a JavaScript files cause its can decrease your ad revenue if you does not exclude ads javascripts and content.  Refer the above screenshot,  as I was excluded my at Java scripts and files, you can do it the same. 

To find Ads JavaScript and files used in your post you can view your HTML source of your webpage where you will see all the JavaScript files used in the web page and you can enter it  in excluded list of javascript in WP Rocket one by one.

Don’t forget to remove the adsbygoogle.js,  file from Delay Javascript Execution (Scripts to delay) part. If you don’t do it then the ads will load after some time and it will definitely affect your Adsense income.

Lazy load Images & Iframes

Media Optimization (Images & Iframe) in WP Rocket

I do not enable it for images because I uses another plugin called A3 lazy load.  this plugin do not have features to to lazy load iframe and videos that’s why enabled for iframe and videos only.  I also suggest you to use a A3 Lazy load plugin because it has more of optimization for lazy load .

Here I do not check “Disable WordPress embed”  because I uses Instagram Embed and twitter Embed. You can check this option,  if you do not use wordpress embed this will reduce the JavaScript of wordpress embed

 If you are using webp image formats  then check enable web page caching it will cache your webp image as well.

Preload Cache

Preload Setting Wp Rocket

Preload will basically generate cash file of your web pages that recently added in your sitemap.  so when ever user opens your new post the cache files automatically served to him.

Advanced Rules

Change is option you have to enter URL that you don’t want to catch anyway.  you can enter the URLs of your ads plugin.So, when you ever change the setting of your Ad Plugin, it will show Ads from the latest configuration to the users.

Never Cache URL setting

I am using advanced ads plugin so I added all the advance ads plugin files inside this box.

Also add all this files in “Always Purge URLs”.

If you are you think there then you can at cloudflare integration with WP rocket it will serve all your static files through cloudflare, this will give absolute boost to your side if your server is slow.  But I personally don’t use cloudflare cause it decrease adsense ads impressions ultimately decrease your ads revenue. Cloudflare cache your files and also cache adsense files many times.

That’s all basic settings I told you to make your website very fast. Now you can check your website speed in Gtmetric and googles pagespeed. It will definitely increases a lot from previous.