Install WordPress locally is good for beginners to want to get used to with WordPress, how to install themes and plugins and how to customize the WordPress. So, we are here with two methods with you can instal WordPress easily on your computer.

Method 1 – Using XAMPP Software

Download the XAMPP software.

Install the XAMPP software. You may get warning from your Antivirus. So, proceed to the next level.

While installing software, choose components you want to install. (Select Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdin).

Complete the installation process by click Next button.

It will ask you to install Bitnami. Dont check it. We’ll have to install XAMPP and wordpress. We don’t need bitnami.

Now, complete the full installation process.

After Installing, XAMPP Control panel will open.

From the control panel, start the Apache & MySQL server.

Minimize the appliaction and go to your browser.

In url tab, type “http://localhost/”

Go to the and download the latest ZIP file.

After downloading, extract the file and go in the Drive C and search for xampp folder (C://xampp)

Go to the folder and find the subfolder (htdocs)

Create a Folder same to the domain name of your file (Eg. techbeast). Then the local wordpress url will be http://localhost/techbeast

And paste all the extracted file from Worpress.ZIP file.

Now go to the XAMPP control panel and click on Admin button.

Click on Database and Create a new database with the same name of the folder that you created in your C drive.

Now the database is created succesfully.

Now, it’s time to setup and install WordPress.

Go to the url, http://localhost/FOLDERNAME/wp-admin (eg. http://localhost/techbeast/wp-admin)

Now, the wordpress setup is start, you need to select the launguage, set username & password

Database Name – [should be same as database name created in phpMyadmin]
Username – root
Password – [Empty]

Complete the next steps and Congratulation, your wordpress is sucessfully installed on your computer locally.

Method 2 – Using LocalWp Software

Download and install, the free version of LocalWP by Flywheel. (The software size is about 450MB).

After installing, Skip the setup part.

Click on the “Click New Site+” and Continue

Select between Prefered or Custom Setup (Choose custom version, if you want to change the PHP version, MySQL version and web server type)

On the next screen, add WordPress Username and Password. Click on Add Site.

It will take few seconds to configure and add wordpress in your local computer.

Now the wordpress is sucessfully installed. From the LocalWP homepage, you can login and view your wordpress site.

Hope you installed the wordpress sucessfully. If you have any problem. Comment down and we’ll reply you soon as possible.