Pinterest is a great social media platform to to reach your blog to potential customers. Pinterest provides features like Pinterest analytics, add programs,  your photos stats and lot more.  you can upload your photos videos on Pinterest like Instagram.  Pinterest is becoming a important source of traffic. today we will see how to connect your wordpress site two Pinterest and upload your WordPress post to Pinterest automatically.

There are two types of profile on pinterest, individual and business.  to connect your site with interest you need to switch to business account. You can simply change the type of account to business type.

Add WordPress Site to Pinterest (Business Account)

In top right corner, you will see convert to business option. Click on that option. 

On the next screen the pictures of business account will appear like analytics, ads manager audience inside, conversion inside.  simply click on “convert account” red button.

In the next step to pinterest will ask you profile name, your website’s URL, Country and Language. After filling all details clip on next button. 

Now choose the category of your website and also mention your goals to join pinterest from option like Sell more products, Generate More Leads, Brand Awareness, Create Content on Pinterest & Drive traffic to your site (You can select upto 3 options).

Choose the type of your business.

Now it will ask you if you are interested in running ads on Pinterest. So select as your preference. Now your business account is created and ready.

The next step is to verify your website on Pinterest.  for this you need to add an code given by interest in your HTML <head> section of your site.

You can simply go to the theme editor of your wordpress and add given code below <head> tag in your header.php file. The Other method is to install a plugin called “insert header and footer” and paste the given code in header section in plugin’s setting.

Now in Pinterest, you need to click on verify button after adding code in your theme (ensure that cache file will not affect verification method).  now winters will take up to 24 hours to verify your code inside your site.Until then it shows you “verification in progress” message.

Automatically Publish Posts to Pinterest

Click on “Setting” available in top-right corner of pinterest.

Select “Create Pins in Bulk”

Now, select option Connect RSS Feed.

To auto publish your wordpress posts into Pinterest you need RSS feed present on your website.

If you want to check RSS Feed of your website simply enter /rss or /feed after your domain name. And if rss feed page is not present your site then you can install Yoast SEO plugin which automatically creates RSS Feed page for your website.

Copy the RSS feed URL of your side and paste into Pinterest. 

Click on Save button.

Wait for sometime and pinterest will automatically add all your wordpress post with featured images and post link into Pinterest account. (Sometime you have to wait up to 24 hours to see your first pin post has been created automatically in Pinterest board)

Hope you find this tutorial easy and helpful. Please let us know if you have any problem regarding adding your wordpress site to Pinterest.