How To Share Internet Connection Form PC or Laptop To Android Mobile

In this article I am going to tell you how you can convert your laptop into a WiFi hotspot. First we know that what is the need of Wi-Fi hotspot in your laptop, if you have a broadband connection then your PC or laptop connects to your modem through internet cable, you can connect internet in your PC or laptop. can access.

But if you want to share that internet in other pc or laptop or in your android mobile then you need a router, in this case you convert your laptop into wifi hotspot then you can use your router without any router. You can share the Internet to other PC, Laptop or Android.

How to Convert PC or Laptop to Wi-Fi Hotspot

No software is required for this, if you are using Windows 10 or 8 then you can convert WiFi hotspot by following this process. First of all, open the administrator in the command, for this you type cmd in the search, then right click on the command prompt and click run as administrator.

Before following this procedure, check that your laptop should be connected to the internet connection.

The command prompt will have opened, in that you have to type natsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow  Next to this you have to enter ssid and enter your password this password will be your hotspot password, for example ssid=deepak key=12345678.

After that press enter key and the hosted network is set up. After this, type one more command netsh wlan start hostednetwork Now after that press enter key.

Now it will be written that the hostel network has been started, now click on Internet access and go to the network setting and open it by clicking on Network and Sharing Center, two networks will appear in it, the first network which is connected to your internet. is connected and the other network that you just created is the HostedNetwork.

Now to share the hosted network, for this it is showing the option of Ethernet on the page, click on it and after opening the properties, the tab of share will appear in it, click on it, now select the first box and select the local area in the home network connections Select and set up the connection and click on OK.

Now laptop wi-fi hospot is enabled, if you want, you can access internet from any other pc or android mobile.

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