Moon Knight Episode 1 Recap: Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant Meets Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector

Moon Knight episode 1 — out now on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar — is a bizarre and disjointed introduction to one in every of Marvel comics’ weirdest and disjointed characters. Even the primary episode’s motion occurs in spurts, with the protagonist Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) blanking out at key moments. As the tip of Moon Knight episode 1 reveals, that is as a result of Steven is not one individual. He shares his physique with Marc Spector who’s described as a mercenary as soon as and is totally not like Steven. It is basic dissociative identification dysfunction — although Moon Knight episode 1 by no means calls it that — and why Steven has been lacking hours and days of his life.

Although we’re by no means informed what’s up with that nightmarish tall beast with a chook cranium for a head. Might or not it’s Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god that brings again Marc Spector from the lifeless within the Marvel comics? The spectre it carries does have a crescent-shaped finish, in spite of everything.

Although there is not any express point out of Khonshu in Moon Knight episode 1, the villain Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) — who will get simply two scenes, for those who do not rely the opening one — does title examine one other Egyptian deity in Ammit. I suppose Moon Knight shall be Egypt-themed; even Steven’s workplace is said to it. Egyptian-Palestinian actress Might Calamawy is a part of the primary forged too, although we solely hear her voice on Moon Knight episode 1.

We have now extra questions than solutions on the finish of the primary episode — and I suppose that is how Marvel desires it proper now.

Moon Knight episode 1 — directed by Mohamed Diab, and written by Moon Knight creator Jeremy Slater — opens with Bob Dylan’s 1981 music “Every Grain of Sand”. We see a man drink from a glass, break the glass with a hammer, put the shattered items into his slippers, after which stroll in them. What’s with this self-torture routine? Although Moon Knight cuts across the character’s face, you may inform it is Ethan Hawke from the silhouette.

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Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight episode 1
Photograph Credit score: Disney/Marvel Studios

After the Marvel Studios title card drops, the observe switches to Engelbert Humperdinck’s “A Man Without Love” from 1968. Our protagonist Steven (Isaac) wakes up with one ankle chained to a mattress publish. He frees himself, feeds his one-finned fish Gus, and calls his mom. Steven works at a present store at London’s Nationwide Artwork Gallery — his job is to promote sweet to visiting kids — and is sort of educated about Historic Egypt. He is all the time late to work, it would not appear to be he enjoys it, and his boss Donna (Lucy Thackeray) would not make it any simpler. At work that day in Moon Knight episode 1, Steven discovers he has a date with a colleague the following day. Weirdly, he would not bear in mind asking her out. And their date is at a steak place, which makes even much less sense given Steven is vegan.

Again residence that night time, Steven tries to maintain himself at night time in Moon Knight episode 1. Regardless of his greatest efforts, he seemingly finally falls asleep as a result of when he wakes up, Steven finds himself in a area — along with his jaw popped. As Steven regains his senses, a disembodied voice remarks that “the idiot has gained control” and tells him to “surrender the body to Marc.” As males with weapons begin capturing at him, the voice tells him to run. Steven obeys and runs in the direction of a village that feels European — it is apparent from the signage we see.

Steven runs right into a crowd of people who find themselves making area, touching him, and bowing earlier than somebody like they’ve seen a god. Hawke walks into Moon Knight episode 1, calling himself Arthur Harrow. He has supernatural scales of justice on his proper arm and a funny-looking cane, which he makes use of to guage people on behalf of the Egyptian god Ammit. If the scales flip inexperienced, you are free to go. But when they flip pink, Arthur sucks the life out of you. As Arthur’s gun-toting minions give him the dangerous information — a person killed two of them and stole one thing — he says one thing in a language that his followers perceive and rapidly bend to their knees.

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moon knight episode 1 oscar isaac alps moon knight episode 1

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight episode 1
Photograph Credit score: Disney/Marvel Studios

Solely Steven is left standing amongst the gang on in Moon Knight episode 1, which provides him away. Arthur confronts Steven, figuring out him as a mercenary and asking him to return the “scarab”. Sorry, what scarab? Steven appears by way of his pockets, and lo and behold, finds a tiny golden scarab-shaped artefact. Steven is able to hand it over to Arthur, however the voice inside him will not let him accomplish that — actually. His limbs defy him, and as quickly because it’s forcefully taken from him, the opposite character — Marc? — takes over, and the individuals subsequent to him find yourself lifeless and bloodied.

Steven “returns” to see what he is executed and escapes in a van, and as he is chased by Arthur’s individuals, Wham!’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” performs. The voice inside his head shouts, “Wake up Marc, this fool is going to get us killed.” And at any time when Steven will get in an excessive amount of hazard, Marc seemingly wakes up, and handles the state of affairs. The automobile chase ends as Steven is confronted by the final of the henchmen, earlier than tree logs — that have been dislodged from an upturned truck carrying them — fall and kill them. The terrified Steven wakes up in his mattress in Moon Knight episode 1, considering he is dreamt all of it. In spite of everything, his preparations, be it the tape or the ankle restraint, are in place.

However possibly he wasn’t? Steven realises that his fish Gus has two fins now, as a substitute of 1. Steven goes to the fish retailer to complain — there is a jab right here at Finding Nemo, and it is good of Disney to permit the joke — and realises that it is practically time for his date. However on the restaurant, Steven discovers he has misplaced two days due to Marc. Steven orders the steak for himself regardless that he is vegan. He then returns residence dejected, the place after dropping the chocolate balls he was gulping down, he discovers hiding spots in his house. Inside, Steven finds a key and a flip cellphone that has missed calls from Layla. A whole lot of them. Simply then, Layla (Might Calamawy, the Moon Knight episode 1 credit reveal) calls once more. She too calls him Marc, she’s confused about what’s incorrect with “Steven”, after which she cuts the decision on him.

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Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight episode 1
Photograph Credit score: Disney/Marvel Studios

Proper after, the lights begin flashing in Steven’s flat on Moon Knight episode 1. Marc seemingly begins chatting with him by way of mirrors, prompting Steven to expire and into the elevator. He finally ends up on a darkened flooring the place he sees a large determine method him — besides it seems to be an outdated girl. They make awkward small speak and she or he will get out on the fifth flooring. Steven turns round and is confronted by that weird-looking big determine once more, however simply as he screams, he finds himself on the bus. What is occurring? Steven sees the bizarre thingy for a cut up second on the highway — and as he swiftly exits the bus, he spots Arthur on it. Oh wait, that man is actual, Steven realises.

As he walks into work, Steven thinks he noticed a person from the bus. Steven tries to seek out him — it seems to be Arthur who’s checking on the alias that Steven gave the earlier time they met. “I don’t have your Scarab,” Steven tells him, to which Arthur responds: “The scarab belongs to Ammit, not me.” Arthur asks Steven if he is aware of Ammit — one of many Egyptian gods — who describes him because the world’s first bogeyman. She was solely the bogeyman for evildoers, Arthur replies on Moon Knight episode 1. She did not watch for sinners to commit crimes earlier than they have been punished. Arthur believes Ammit might’ve stopped each evildoer, from Nero to Hitler, had she been free. “But she was betrayed by indolent fellow gods — and her own Avatar,” Arthur provides.

All this whereas, Steven has been on the lookout for a method out from Arthur, but it surely seems he has a whole lot of cleverly-placed followers throughout them. Arthur then reveals he is aware of in regards to the voice in Steven’s head. As he grabs Steven’s fingers, the terrified Steven factors out that he killed the lady within the Alps, the best way he is holding him now. Arthur locations the stick between Steven’s arms, and the supernatural scales of justice on his arm start to maneuver. “There’s chaos in you,” Arthur says, although Moon Knight episode 1 would not inform us the color of the scales like earlier than. As a close-by museum door swings open, Steven makes a touch for it — and Arthur tells his individuals to let him go.

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Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight episode 1
Photograph Credit score: Disney/Marvel Studios

Late at night time within the museum, everybody’s gone and Steven is caught on stock responsibility. Simply as he is about to go away, he hears a canine and goes on the lookout for it. As Steven makes his method across the displays, he discovers a large determine stalking him — however this one is not the identical as earlier than. Over the audio system, Arthur’s voice asks Steven handy over the Scarab and he will not be damage. Steven is just too busy with the creature — it is like some supernatural jackal form of factor — that is chasing him on Moon Knight episode 1. Steven runs by way of the museum, earlier than locking himself in a rest room.

There for the primary time on Moon Knight episode 1, Marc confronts Steven. He tells him handy the physique over so he can save them from “that thing”. He initially refuses, however the panicked Steven lastly agrees. And as he transfers management, Steven/Marc rework into Moon Knight — mummy-style white gauze seems out of nowhere to cowl Isaac’s physique, together with a hood and a cape. Moon Knight episode 1 briefly cuts away earlier than the digital camera returns to the toilet, displaying how brutally Moon Knight is taking over the creature, beating it to a pulp along with his naked fingers. As Moon Knight turns and stares into the digital camera, Moon Knight episode 1 ends.

Moon Knight episode 1 is now streaming on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. New episodes launch each Wednesday round 12:30pm IST/ 12am PT.

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