Moon Knight Episode 2 Recap: The Wife, Mr. Knight, and the Villain’s Big Plan

Moon Knight episode 2 — out now on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar — is a bit curious second chapter for the new Marvel Cinematic Universe sequence. Though it lasts for 50 minutes together with credit, it does not really feel like lots occurs on Moon Knight episode 2. Which may be as a result of it is made up of lower than half a dozen scenes in complete. It largely sketches out the world of Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) — the life Steven Grant (Isaac) and the viewers do not find out about. We study Marc has a spouse in Layla El-Faouly (Might Calamawy) and that they went on adventures collectively. Moon Knight episode 2 additionally hints that the Egyptian moon god Khonshu — we obtained a affirmation on his title right here — saved Marc from a near-death expertise.

In the meantime, Steven’s life continues to unravel. He loses his London museum job in Moon Knight episode 2. He finds out he is been punching individuals along with his naked arms at evening for years. (I get they’re two personalities, nevertheless it’s one physique. Should not he really feel it in his arms and legs in the morning?) And he ends the new Moon Knight episode with out management over his physique — and at any time when he does get up, he’ll uncover he is travelled a continent away, from Europe to Africa, with Moon Knight episode 2 ending in Egypt. Becoming {that a} sequence involving a number of Egyptian gods — to not point out, an Egyptian director and an Egyptian-Palestinian actress — would go there. I suppose the present’s setting goes to alter for at the least one, if no more, episodes.

For what it is price, Steven obtained his personal tackle the Moon Knight costume. In contrast to Marc’s conventional cape-and-hood model, his model of Moon Knight wears an off-white three-piece go well with, with a tight-fitting full-face masks that has a crescent-shaped image in the center of the brow. It is often called Mr. Knight, the Moon Knight episode 2 credit reveal.

And oh, we additionally obtained clued into the villain’s massive plan. In Moon Knight episode 2, cult chief Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) reveals he desires to resurrect the Egyptian goddess Ammit — which is why he is been after Steven, as a result of apparently the Scarab is helpful is discovering Ammit. With Moon Knight episode 2 ending in Egypt, I am betting we’ll study extra about Ammit in Moon Knight episode 3.

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moon knight episode 2 ethan hawke ammit moon knight episode 2

Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow, with the employees imbued with Ammit’s energy, in Moon Knight episode 2
Photograph Credit score: Disney/Marvel Studios

Moon Knight episode 2 — directed by Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, and written by Michael Kastelein — picks up proper after the place episode 1 left off. Or at the least, the place Moon Knight episode 1 ended for our scared little reward shop-ist Steven Grant. Steven wakes up in mattress with nightmares of what occurred with the creature. However he is chained to his mattress like at all times. In any case, he has no reminiscences as soon as he transfers management of his physique to Marc Spector, which is what Steven did in episode 1. Having found that Marc speaks to him at instances by means of mirrors, Steven tries to speak to Marc in the toilet mirror, however he will get no reply.

Steven heads into work on Moon Knight episode 2, the place he encounters safety man JB (Alexander Cobb) as he is about to undergo final evening’s safety footage. However unusually, there’s nothing of that Egyptian jackal — as Steven calls that bizarre wanting supernatural jackal from episode 1 — on the CCTVs. All we see is Steven working scared making a large number, and Marc gazing the digital camera as he exited the museum. Naturally, his employers, the Nationwide Artwork Gallery, are letting him go for the injury he brought on, however not earlier than they provide him psychological assist.

On his means again to his flat in Moon Knight episode 2, Steven speaks to the dwelling statue Crawley (Shaun Scott), and tells him about the issues — a flip cellphone and a key — he discovered hidden in his flat. Now unemployed, Steven goes searching for a storage locker that the key belongs to, and finds it after 5 makes an attempt. Inside, he finds a mattress, some bins, and a bag. Stated bug has a gun, a number of cash, and an American passport with the title Marc Spector. Alternate identification confirmed! And oh, there’s additionally that Scarab that Arthur saved asking Steven for in Moon Knight episode 1. As Steven clicks open the Scarab, part of it hovers and factors in a route — Steven realises it isn’t pointing north like a compass.

Simply then, Marc returns in the reflection of the storage locker in Moon Knight episode 2. Naturally, Steven desires to know who he’s — and why he has entry to gadgets which might be often the territory of secret brokers. Marc says: “I serve Khonshu, I’m his Avatar. We protect the vulnerable and we deliver Khonshu’s justice on those who deserve it.” Steven remarks that it is the stupidest factor he has ever heard. “I eat one piece of steak and bang, I go bonkers,” Steven notes, in what’s one among the greatest jokes from the new Marvel sequence. (I might additionally wish to level out the stupidity of Isaac saying the phrase avatar like the film Avatar. A lot for Diab’s claims over genuine illustration, when he cannot even get his American actors to say a Sanskrit-origin phrase prefer it’s meant to be mentioned.)

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moon knight episode 2 steven marc storage locker moon knight episode 2

Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant confronts Isaac’s Marc Spector in Moon Knight episode 2
Photograph Credit score: Disney/Marvel Studios

Marc tells Steven that he’ll disappear if he simply stays out of his lane and lets him end the job he must for Khonshu. However Steven tells him that he is by no means giving him management once more. Actually, he is by no means going to sleep once more if that is what it takes to maintain Marc away. Steven says that he’ll the authorities with all the pieces he is discovered on Marc, and hopes that the NHS — that is the British public healthcare system — will pump him with sufficient capsules that he cannot keep in mind any of this. However simply as Steven leaves the storage locker on Moon Knight episode 2, the lights begin to flicker. He as soon as once more sees that weird-looking large determine from episode 1, besides this time it comes nearer.

Steven begins to run in Moon Knight episode 2, exiting the storage locker premises and then the constructing, solely to journey over himself and fall on the avenue subsequent to an incoming scooter. Stated scooter seems to be pushed by Layla — the girl on the cellphone in episode 1 — who tells Steven that she discovered him by monitoring his cellphone. “I thought you wanted me to,” she remarks. Layla then reveals she’s his spouse — technically, she’s Marc’s spouse — and she’s been questioning why he simply disappeared on her. She thought he could be tremendous as a result of he had the go well with (wait, she is aware of?!) however she was additionally anxious he obtained kidnapped once more (wait, when was he kidnapped earlier than?). Steven simply asks her to get him again to his flat, the place he’ll clarify all the pieces.

Again at his flat, Layla is bemused to see that Steven is into issues that she was identified for. Steven’s favorite French poet is definitely Layla’s favorite French poet. Steven is learning hieroglyphics and the Egyptian alphabet, which is one thing Layla already is aware of. Layla then turns the dialog on Moon Knight episode 2, noting that he (she means Marc) despatched her divorce papers however by no means signed them. Steven says he would by no means divorce her — buddy, you have been by no means married to her — and that he’ll inform her all the pieces in contrast to Marc who retains mendacity. However simply as he is about to drag the Scarab out of the bag, Marc will get in his head and tells him he is doing all of it to guard Layla. If you happen to contain her, it’s going to be your fault if they arrive after Layla, Marc remarks.

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That will get Steven to cease, however he is mentioned an excessive amount of already. Layla’s curiosity is now piqued and she desires to know what he has in the bag. She snatches it away from him and finds the Scarab inside. Layla is aghast, noting that they — Marc and she — fought aspect by aspect for the Scarab. Besides Steven does not keep in mind their life collectively or their adventures. It appears Marc has been holding issues from Layla for some time. And he is additional pushing her away by divorcing her.

Earlier than their discuss can go any additional, the police come knocking on Steven’s door in Moon Knight episode 2. As they undergo his flat — sorry, do not they want a warrant? — they inevitably discover the Marc Spector passport. Layla had escaped by means of a window earlier than the police entered. They already imagine he has stolen one thing — are they right here for the Scarab? Although how would they find out about that? — and now he is additionally on the hook for forging a passport. As the police take him in, they uncover that Marc Spector is a global fugitive. He was a part of a group of mercenaries that hit a dig website in Egypt, and executed archaeologists by taking pictures them in the again of the head. One thing is up although, as a result of as an alternative of arriving at a police station, they pull up in a again alley.

Ah, they’re dummy cops — and they’ve taken him to Arthur. As Steven will get out of the automotive, Arthur asks him: “Do you think Khonshu chose you because your mind would be easy to break or because it’s broken already?” Wait, is Arthur referring to that tall thingy with a chook cranium for a head? It will appear so, which confirms my Moon Knight episode 1 suspicions. That basically is Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god.

Anyway, again to Moon Knight episode 2. Steven says that he isn’t damaged, he simply wants some assist. Arthur says that is what he is right here for. Khonshu returns and instructs Steven to kill Arthur, which Arthur predicts. Huh, how did he know? Arthur continues along with his pitch, informing Steven that the neighbourhood they stand in as soon as had the highest crime price in the metropolis. Arthur helped and now, individuals do not even lock their doorways at evening. The two then stroll right into a neighborhood kitchen, the place Arthur notes that the meals is free — he calls out the lentil soup by title, which is mainly dal however fancier — as Steven sees people get pleasure from what seems like a pleasing pure historical past documentary.

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Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant, Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight episode 2
Photograph Credit score: Csaba Aknay/Marvel Studios

Simply as some close by steel trays fall down, Arthur notes that Khonshu usually throws mood tantrums and that is why he was banished by different Egyptian gods. Additionally, his coverage on vengeance did not sit nicely with others. Khonshu retains chatting with Steven in between, telling him he solely punishes those that have executed hurt. Arthur then reveals on Moon Knight episode 2 that he is capable of predict Khonshu’s phrases as a result of he was his former Avatar — earlier than Marc. He then notes that Khonshu’s judgment arrives after evil has been executed. “Ammit knows this and she uproots them before any evil is done,” Arthur provides. We should resurrect Ammit, Arthur notes, and we’d like the Scarab to search out her. So, the Moon Knight villain’s massive plan is to resurrect an Egyptian god? Um, cool.

Naturally, Steven brings up the level we have all considered by now. If Ammit judges pre-evil, is not the particular person harmless? How can a thought be evil? How will you kill a toddler 30 years earlier than they may do one thing? This speaks to the oft-cited query round killing child Hitler. Arthur spins a metaphor, claiming how one would possibly amputate a limb to forestall an an infection from spreading throughout a physique. Steven neatly factors out {that a} baby will not be a diseased limb, earlier than turning round to talk to Arthur’s brainwashed followers, and questioning if they do not draw the line at baby homicide. Arthur pivots on Moon Knight episode 2, altering the matter to his cane. It incorporates a sliver of Ammit’s energy, which is how he is capable of choose individuals utilizing the supernatural scales of his justice on his arm.

Even simply listening to about the cane, everybody — together with Steven and Arthur’s followers — takes a step away from Arthur. The cult chief calls for that Steven hand over the Scarab, however he says he does not have it. This time, he isn’t even mendacity. Simply then, Layla emerges out of nowhere and pronounces she has the Scarab, holding it up for all to see. Layla then walks in direction of Steven on Moon Knight episode 2, asking him to summon the go well with to allow them to get out of there in a single piece. However Steven retains misunderstanding her — and Layla has no selection however to then simply make a touch for it with Steven. A relaxed Arthur buries his cane into the floor, from which one other Egyptian jackal emerges.

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moon knight episode 2 mr knight oscar isaac moon knight episode 2

Oscar Isaac as Mr. Knight in Moon Knight episode 2
Photograph Credit score: Disney/Marvel Studios

As Layla and Steven search for a means out of the neighborhood kitchen, Layla reveals that she’s greater than able to dealing with herself bodily. Sadly, they ultimately nook themselves, and are pressured to bolt an enormous door and cover behind it. Right here as soon as once more, Layla pesters Steven to summon the go well with — particularly with the Egyptian jackal attempting to interrupt the door down — however he appears incapable of doing it or unwilling handy the physique to Marc. As the large door swings open, Moon Knight episode 2 tells us that Layla cannot see the jackal. Solely Steven/Marc can. As Steven is thrown out of the window, he desperately tries to “summon the suit” by repeating the phrases advert infinitum — and fortunately makes an ideal superhero touchdown simply in time.

Excerpt the go well with Steven has summoned on Moon Knight episode 2 has little bearing to the one we noticed at the finish of episode 1. Marc, through a mirrored image, wonders what’s up. Why do you may have us dressed as “psycho Colonel Sanders”? You requested for a go well with, it is a go well with, Steven protests. This is not Khonshu’s ceremonial armour, Marc tells him. Their bickering has to pause although, as larger issues are afoot.

The Egyptian jackal jumps out and takes Steven to the cleaners. The indisputable fact that he does not die is, I suppose, due to the safety afforded by Khonshu. Which is precisely why I do not perceive how Layla escapes with minimal accidents after being hammered by the jackal. Steven tries to get again at the beast and even lands a stable punch, however he lastly realises that the job is an excessive amount of for him. He lastly relents and arms over management. Marc spins round and adjustments the battleground, main the jackal for a chase throughout rooftops. He ultimately pulls off a swaggering transfer, timing a mid-air neck stab to perfection, earlier than grabbing the jackal’s physique and impaling him. Moon Knight has lacked in thrilling motion beats, however this one delivers.

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moon knight episode 2 oscar isaac moon knight episode 2

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/ Steven Grant in Moon Knight episode 2
Photograph Credit score: Gabor Kotschy/Marvel Studios

However in the chase with the beast, Marc discovers he dropped the Scarab which has — clearly — ended up with Arthur. Properly, indirectly, however Layla sees him kill somebody for it earlier than she drives away on her scooter on Moon Knight episode 2.

Again to Marc, who now finds himself on the exterior whereas Steven is caught on the inside. Steven desires him handy over management — and he additionally has extra questions on their previous. Marc reveals he is been doing this mercenary and Khonshu enterprise for a very long time, however he’ll go away as soon as his debt is repaid. If it weren’t for Khonshu, we would not be alive, Marc notes on Moon Knight episode 2. His servitude to Khonshu means he has to do sure issues. Steven remarks that Marc hurts individuals and he is leaving his spouse. I am attempting to guard her, Marc claims, as a result of Khonshu desires her as my alternative.

Simply then, Khonshu reappears, noting that Marc has failed on his promise. He was supposed to maintain Steven at bay and guarantee he did not throw a spanner of their works. Marc says he can deal with it, although Khonshu does not appear so certain. Marc tells Khonshu that he desires to be left alone as soon as the work is completed. “You enjoy the work I’ve for you, we need each other,” Khonshu tries to placate his avatar. However Marc is not in the temper for it in Moon Knight episode 2. “You may not like my next candidate, near and dear as she is to you,” Khonshu now provides menacingly, hinting at what Marc simply informed us about Khonshu’s intentions for Layla.

“Where are we going?” a annoyed Marc asks, now that the Scarab is misplaced. “Where do you think?” Khonshu says mockingly. The reply is kind of apparent to anybody who’s been watching Moon Knight intently. Moon Knight episode 2 cuts to a room, the place we see Marc ingesting straight from a bottle, earlier than he will get up and seems out the balcony for the viewers’s sake. We have got pyramids in the distance — I do not suppose I have to inform you the place we’re.

(For these questioning, the Moon Knight episode 2 finish credit tune is “El Melouk” by Ahmed Saad feat. 3enba, and Double Zuksh.)

Moon Knight episode 2 is now streaming on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. New episodes launch each Wednesday round 12:30pm IST/ 12am PT.

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