How To Increase Speed Of Website

In this article it is going to tell how you can increase the speed of your website, if you have a blog or website, then it is very important to increase its speed. Because page load time is a factor to rank in Google. And it has also been seen from research that the website lose traffic by 40% due to slow load time.

If you have a blog, then I am going to tell about plugins, so that you can increase the speed of your blog or website.

First plugin is WP Super Cache.

This plugin is very popular and its alternative plugin is w3 total catch. This plugin helps to remove any catch files in your blog so that the speed of your block increases.

Now you have to go to its settings and first of all, you have to turn on the option of caching and click on update status. After this, you have to go to the Advanced option and click on Animal Catching in it, and activate all the recommended options you see in it. and after that go down and click on Update Status.

Now you have to come back and in that you will get the option of test cache, so that you can check the cache file of your website. If some catch file is coming in your website, then you will see the option of how to delete it, you can remove it from your website by clicking on it.

Second plugin is WP-Optimize

With the help of this plugin, it helps you to remove unnecessary database spam comments and old catch files from your blog. So that the speed of your website gets a boost.

Now you have to go to WP Optimize’s plugin and select all the options which are visible in the photo. and click on Run All Selected Optimizations. doing this will remove whatever waste file is in your block. and the speed of your blog will increase.

Third plugin is WP Smush

Images in general make your website heavy, which reduces the speed of your website. Whatever image you upload to WordPress, the WP smush plugin automatically compresses it and reduces its size. This reduces the load time of your website. There is also an alternate plugin from this plugin, its name is Ewww image optimizer, you can also use it.

Fourth Plugin is Autoptimizer

This plugin basically compresses all the scripts in your block such as HTML, JAVA, CSS, so that the speed of your blog increases significantly,

Now you have to go to its settings and click on HTML, JavaScript and CSS in it and then click on save changes and empty cache.

So after doing this the speed of your blog will increase a lot. So these were the four plugins with the help of which you can increase the speed of your blog up to 80%.

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