How To Upload Web-P Images On WordPress

In this article, I am going to tell about Web-P Image, like what is Web-P, why should you use it, how to create Web-P image and a lot of information about how to upload it in WordPress. This is what I am going to tell in this article, so let’s start.

As you must know, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc. are all image file formats, similarly Web P is also a new image format.

It has been developed by Google, mostly we use JPEG, and PNG, images for special blockers. JPEG gives more compression than PNG and we can create transparent images in PNG, but you can say that Web-P format has been created by combining these two. which provides more compressed images than JPEG and it also supports transfer inseco.

With the Web-P image format, you can get high quality images in a more compressible size, this will load the image more quickly and will also increase the overall speed of your block and it will also be better for SEO.

If you put your blog on the page speed in site, then even there Google is recommending you to use web-p image format. Till now this image format was not being used much because most of the web browsers did not support this format so that the user could see the broken image which was not good for your page experience at all. But now all browsers support web-p image format.

How to create Web-P image

Most blogs use the Canva tool, which does not yet support the Web-P format. So you can use convertio tool, there are many tools through which you can convert JPEG or PNG image to web-p image.

Squoosh This website is made by Google, by using it you can create web-p format image, to create web-p format image you have to upload image in this website, after that you select compress in right side On web-p, you will see the compressed image in it and on the right side and the website will have the original image, it gets a compression of 60% and there is no degradation in the image quality.

If the dimensions of the image are large, then by going to the size now, you can set the dimensions and download the image to your computer.

How to upload web-p image

Click on Add New Post, and upload the image you have converted in your web-p format.

Convert existing image into web-p format

For this you have to download a plugin called Web-p converter for media

This plugin is absolutely free and works very well, you have to install and activate this plugin and go to its settings and increase the image quality to 75%, and the automatic removal of Web-P files larger than original is to be disabled. After that, by clicking on the regenerate call, you can convert all the images to Web-P format.

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