How To Connect Domain With Hosting

In this article I am going to tell how you can connect your domain to hosting, how can you install WordPress in your own hosting, so let’s start…

First of all, sign-up in your hosting account, now you have to go to manage order and click on list order.

In that you will see the domain name, you have to click on it.

Now we will connect the domain to the hosting, so that’s why you have bought the domain from the domain provider, login to that account.

After logging in, click on your domain name.

After that a new page will open in which you have to update the name server of your hosting in the domain, for that you have to click on the option of nameservers.

Now you have to go to the hosting page and there you will see the option of nameserver details, click on it, copy the nameserver you are getting here and paste it in the nameserver of your domain.

In that page you will see two name servers, similarly copy the second nameserver and paste it in your domain name server.

In the option of Manage Nameservers, you will get the option to enter 5 server names, out of which two server names have to be entered and three options have to be deleted.

After entering the server name, click on Update Server Name.

Now you have to wait 24 to 48 hours till your nameserver is updated.

After this you have to click on Manage Web Hosting for WordPress installation.

Now the C-panel you have on Yah will open.

The first section of the Softaculous apps installer is found, inside you have to click on WordPress and click on Install Now in it. In that you can select https in the selected protocol, after that WP has to be removed from Indirectory.

After that you can enter your site name and website description in the side setting.

The most important point in this is that of the admin account, in which you have to enter the admin username and password and remember it. Because the next time you login to WordPress, you will have to login only by entering this username and password.

In this, you also get the option to enter email id, then you have to enter your email id in it. Once WordPress is installed, its login URL will come to your email.

After that you have to click on Directly Install. Once installed, the login URL will be sent to your mail and you can login to your WordPress dashboard by clicking on it.

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