What did Jason Kennedy do? Liberty Christian School principal faces 11 new charges after 2022 arrest

Jason Kennedy, head of Freedom Christian college in Tennessee, who was captured hold going yr on allegations of maltreatment of a minor, was as of late prosecuted on 11 further charges after examinations uncovered the suspect attacked three extra casualties.

Jason Kennedy, 47, was first captured and charged in August 2022 for s*xually mishandling an underage understudy at his house in Athens, Tennessee. The 19-year-old casualty let specialists know that Kennedy, alongside college secretary and self-teach facilitator Brittney Branham, 28, who was remaining with the suspect and his higher half at that time, attacked her for fairly a very long time whereas she was a minor.

Following the claims, Kennedy was accused of two counts of s*xual assault by an influence determine and one depend of requesting of a minor in affiliation with the episode. Branham was likewise accused of gross sales of a minor in August for serving to the suspect.

The earlier chief is at present having to cope with 11 new penalties, together with s*xual motion together with a minor, requesting of a minor to note s*xual lead, exasperated s*xual battery, six counts of s*xual battery by an influence determine, and two counts of infringement of the Child Safeguard Act.

Brokers expressed that however the first casualty, who detailed the wrongdoing, they’ve discovered three new casualties the suspect attacked throughout his residency as the top of the Christian college. It’s muddled assuming that Branham plotted with Kennedy in affiliation with the new charges.

In a courtroom sworn assertion, the 19-year-old casualty, who initially detailed the episode, described varied examples the place she was mishandled by Jason Kennedy and his affiliate Brittney Branham.

In accordance with the New York Put up, the younger individual, whereas reviewing the incidence that occurred in 2019, stated that she was supposedly a minor at any time when she first went by the night time at Kennedy’s house that he imparted to his important different and the varsity secretary Branham.

Depicting the terrible expertise, the casualty stated that she was supposedly remaining in the same room as Branham when Jason Kennedy got here into the room. After the secretary requested the earlier head to contact her in an improper means, she was mishandled. Branham then requested that the casualty hold what had unfolded within the room.(*11*)

(*11*)In accordance with the report, the younger individual was attacked as soon as extra in 2020 and 2021, the place, in one of many examples, Branham and Kennedy received her a “high contrast meager robe” and contacted her chest. The casualty let specialists know that after the assault, the culprits mounted up their attire and continued to go about as if nothing at any level occurred.

As indicated by a courtroom sworn assertion refered to by the publish, the casualty stated after the maltreatment, the victimizers acted:

“Like nothing had occurred, they started talking like typical.”(*11*)Specialists haven’t delivered the names and characters of various casualties who had been uncovered to comparative maltreatment by Jason Kennedy as they had been underage younger girls.

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