How To Create Subdomain And Install WordPress

In this article I am going to tell you how to create a subdomain on your WordPress website. What is a subdomain, what appears in front of the domain is called a subdomain, for example You can create a subdomain like this,

What are the advantages of subdomain ?

We can use the same website by making the same domain as different subdomain. You will have to install WordPress separately, the whole website will be different. His file will also be separated.

How to create subdomain

1. First you have to go inside the cpanel.
2. In the cpanel you get the option of domain, you have to click on the subdomain.
3. After that the page in the subdomain will open, in this you have to enter the name of the subdomain you want to create.

for example

In this way you have to create, in this you get the document root directory, on which directory this domain is to be placed, after that whatever place you install wordpress will go, you create this domain inside /public_html/ all your work will be done in this. In this, select the /public_html/ directory and click on Create. After that your subdomain will be created.

Your created subdomain will have been added to the list, modify a subdomain will show your subdomain in it.

How to install WordPress

1. Login to your cpanel
2. In the c panel, you will see the option of softculous apps installer, in that you have to click on the option of WordPress.
3. After clicking on Install now,

If you use SSL certificate, then https:// has to be selected.

And add the subdomain that was next to it, which you had created.

After that you have to set username and password of WordPress dashboard.

After that click on install, after the process is completed, your site will be run. After the process is completed, you will be given the URL of WordPress login, it will also be sent to your email in the URL. With this you can login to your WordPress dashboard.

You can create 1000 subdomains from one domain and install thousand of WordPress. It depends on your hosting provider but all hosting providers provide 1000 subdomains.

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